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Get Certified in Anti-Wrinkle Training with Access 2 Aesthetics

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Access 2 Aesthetics is the go-to provider of medical aesthetic training services. We offer a comprehensive range of courses, including our popular Foundation Anti Wrinkle Training course— an intensive course that teaches medical aesthetic professionals the fundamentals of administering Anti Wrinkle treatments. Whether you’re just beginning your aesthetic career or looking to brush up on your existing skills, Access 2 Aesthetics’ Foundation Anti Wrinkle Training course has something for everyone.

Comprehensive Training Course

The Foundation Anti Wrinkle course from Access 2 Aesthetics is a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of Medical Aesthetics. The course includes both theoretical and practical components. During the theoretical portion, students learn about facial anatomy, facial features and muscle movements, indications for use of Anti Wrinkle, facial ageing process and principles for successful aesthetic treatment outcomes. Students also learn about legal requirements and safety protocols related to medical aesthetics. During the practical component of the course, students practice with models under professional supervision in order to perfect their techniques.

Expert Mentorship

Access 2 Aesthetics has some of the most experienced professionals in the Medical Aesthetics field as part of its academy. Each instructor is carefully selected based on their knowledge and experience in this field and is committed to helping students succeed by providing mentorship throughout the duration of their aesthetics career. This means that students get guidance from experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching and helping others excel in this field. Plus, because each instructor has worked extensively outside of their teaching roles, they can provide valuable insight into effective treatments and strategies for success that only comes from years of hands-on experience.

Post-Course Support

Once a student completes their Foundation Toxin training with Access 2 Aesthetics, they receive ongoing support from the Academy so that they can continue to hone their skills long after graduating from the training program. This post-course support includes regular check-ins with instructors as well as access to resources such as video tutorials and technical advice from experts in the field. This means that even after completing this program, students will always have someone available to answer any questions or provide assistance if needed.


The Foundation Toxin Course offered by Access 2Aesthetics provides comprehensive training backed by expert mentorship so that graduates can confidently enter into the Medical Aesthetic industry with ease. With our elite instructors, comprehensive curriculum, hands-on practice opportunities and post-course support services - it's no wonder why our program is one of the most sought after certifications available today! Whether you're just getting started or looking for advanced knowledge - consider taking your career to new heights through certification at Access 2Aesthetic!

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