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Do you aspire to be an Independent Nurse Prescriber?

Are you  looking for a Supervised Placement in Medical Aesthetics?

Receive support and mentorship from one of the top aesthetic clinics in Wales!

How Do I Get Started?

Initiating your journey in the V300 course is a straightforward process!


The first action you need to take is enrolment at a university to cover the theoretical aspect of the course. Thankfully, most of this theoretical content is available online, making it accessible without the need for commuting to the university. For guidance on the most suitable universities, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Once your university registration is complete, that's where we step in. Our team is committed to accompanying you throughout your journey, offering assistance and mentorship through live prescribing clinics held at our clinic, as well as at various mobile clinics we operate. Our mentoring program includes 12 full days, equivalent to 90 hours, of practical training that will be spread across your course duration. This extensive training comes with a fee of £1500.

Why is our V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Mentorship program an essential choice?

The V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Mentorship program at Access 2 Aesthetics is a unique opportunity that is designed specifically for nurses aspiring to become Independent Nurse Prescribers.


This program is more than just a career-boosting opportunity. It's a smart investment that will pay dividends in the long run. As a participant, you'll not only escalate your medical career and excel in aesthetic medicine, but also reap significant financial benefits.


Our structured and immersive learning experience allows you to make substantial annual savings on prescribing fees in your own practice. Furthermore, the prospect of generating additional income by becoming a Prescriber for Non-Prescribing practitioners within your vicinity becomes an achievable reality.


The return on your investment is substantial, making the program a sensible choice that pays for itself over time. By joining us, you're not just investing in a course; you're investing in your future, empowering your career, and boosting your financial prospects.

Our V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Mentorship program provides you with:

1. Supervised placements that are structured to align perfectly with your non-medical prescribing course requirements.

2. An immersive learning experience with 12 dedicated days (equivalent to 90 hours) of practical training spread throughout your course.

3. A committed placement coordinator who ensures your experience is seamless and rewarding.

4. A customised learning contract at the onset of your placement, accompanied by a targeted learning program designed to achieve your specific objectives.

5. Placement opportunities with Helen Coombs at Pro-Juvenate Aesthetics and an array of clinics across South Wales, offering a rich diversity of learning environments. We provide an environment that is not just welcoming and friendly, but also fosters your professional growth and mastery in prescribing.

Our program encompasses:

1. Insight into NMC & RCN guidance on Non-Medical Prescribers (NMPs).

2. Guidance on Pharmacy support.

We delve into discussions and practical applications of:

1. The art of conducting effective consultations.

2. Diagnostic procedures, including differential diagnosis.

3. Scripting prescriptions and understanding non-prescribing dynamics.

4. Grasping drug interactions.

5. Comprehending documentation and legalities tied to prescribing.

6. Mastering the use of the British National Formulary (BNF).

7. Differentiating between licensed and unlicensed medicines.

8. Face-to-face support with practical prescribing.

9. Exploring private prescribing.

We also cover the use of Antibiotics, Aciclovir, and Steroids, in Aesthetics.

Invest, learn, and grow with our V300 Non-Medical Prescribing Mentorship program!

Course Mentorship Cost: £1500

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