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Elevate your skills and unlock new revenue streams with Access 2 Aesthetics' specialist combined advanced dermal toxin & dermal filler aesthetics training in Cardiff. This action-packed day is designed for medical practitioners who want to refine their existing knowledge and master advanced injection techniques for a wider range of aesthetic concerns.



Candidates will need to possess a certification from a recognised Foundation Level Toxin and Dermal Filler training course. 

Medical Professionals

Nurses (NMC), and Doctors (GMC).

Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Therapists (GDC). Pharmacists (GPhC), Paramedics, Physiotherapists, and ODPs (HCPC).


Toxin Course

Bunny Lines, Smokers Lines, Lip Flip, Gummy Smile, Jelly Roles, Chin Dimples, Brow Lift, Masseter (Facial Slimming), Platysmal Bands (Neck Lift), Migraines, Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)

Dermal Filler Course

 Cheeks, Jaw and Chin inc Contouring Techniques.


Pre-Course studies, also includes:

Video Treatment Demonstrations,

Complecations Training,

Consent and Aftercare Forms, Pharmacy and Insurance Details.



Class Session: £1495

1 on 1 Session: £1900



1 Extended Day

There is no compromise in training this way, the training day is extended in duration to ensure all learning is completed to the same high standard.


You are never alone, we are always here for you!

Clinical and Business support from our Directors and access to our support community and WhatsApp Group.

No Compromises, Just Advanced Training

This course condenses the depth of separate advanced modules into a single, extended day. We ensure comprehensive learning without sacrificing quality. You'll receive the same high standard of aesthetic training at our academy in Cardiff, empowering you to confidently offer sought-after treatments in your own clinic.

Advanced Toxin Training

In this intensive course, you will learn to precisely target specific areas for optimal results, including:

  • Bunny Lines

  • Smokers Lines

  • Lip Flip

  • Gummy Smil

  • Jelly Roles

  • Chin Dimples

  • Brow Lift

  • Masseter (Facial Slimming)

  • Platysmal Bands (Neck Lift)

  • Migraines

  • Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating)

Female Hyperhtdrosis.jpg

The Course Essentials

Advanced Techniques Deep Dive: Delve into advanced injection methods like cannula techniques for smoother product placement and reduced risk of complications.

Comprehensive Theory: Gain a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, crucial for safe and effective injections.

Informed Decisions: Master the consultation process, including contraindications, client selection, and treatment planning.

Precise Application: Learn proper dilution and preparation techniques for optimal product performance.

Personalised Approach: Develop customised treatment plans and marking points for each client's unique needs.

Patient Comfort is Key: Explore effective pain management strategies to ensure a comfortable experience for your patients.

Risk Management: Understand potential adverse effects and confidently manage any complications that may arise.

Post-Treatment Care: Equip yourself with aftercare protocols and follow-up procedures for optimal results.

Safety First: Prioritise health and safety with in-depth hygiene protocols and emergency kit essentials.

Expert Guidance: Witness live demonstrations performed by experienced trainers.
Hands-on Experience: Gain invaluable practice by injecting live models under expert supervision.

Advanced Dermal Filler Course in Cardiff 

Access 2 Aesthetics' specialist Advanced Dermal Fillers course. Designed for qualified practitioners seeking to refine and expand their skill set, this comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and courses to masterfully treat the cheeks, jaw, and chin areas, using both needles and cannulas for optimal results.

Female Cheek Filler.jpg

Broaden Your Dermal Filler Skills

Our cosmetic nurse courses in Cardiff go beyond the basics, exploring:

Advanced Injection techniques: Master needle and cannula use for precise placement and minimal downtime.

Facial anatomy & physiology: Gain a thorough understanding of the facial structure and musculature for safe and effective injections.

Hyaluronic Acid: Explore the science behind this natural substance and its role in volumising and hydrating the skin.

Anatomy & Physiology: Gain a detailed understanding of facial muscles, blood vessels, and nerves for safe and targeted injections.

Objectives of Treatment: Learn to identify client goals and tailor treatment plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Understanding & Choosing the Right Dermal Filler: Discuss different types of fillers, their properties, and how to select the best option for each client's needs.

Signs of Ageing: Learn to identify and address various signs of facial ageing, such as volume loss and wrinkles.

Bone Ageing: Understand how bone resorption contributes to facial ageing and how fillers can address this concern.

Contraindications: Identify situations where dermal filler treatment is not recommended.

Consultation Process: Master effective communication and client selection during the consultation stage.

Face Assessment: Learn to comprehensively assess facial features, proportions, and client concerns.

Preparation: Understand pre-treatment protocols for optimal results and client comfort.

Treatment Planning: Develop personalised treatment plans based on individual needs and desired outcomes.

Pain Management: Explore techniques to minimise discomfort during treatment.

Adverse Effects & Complication Management: Learn how to recognise and respond to potential side effects and complications.

Aftercare & Follow-up Procedures: Provide clear aftercare instructions and ensure optimal client support in the post-treatment phase.

Health & Safety: Understand essential health and safety protocols for a clean and hygienic treatment environment.

Emergency Kit Advice: Learn the importance of a well-equipped emergency kit and its proper use.

iFace Simulator: We've invested over £12,000 in cutting-edge iFace Simulators. These innovative training tools let you practice injections in a realistic environment, boosting your confidence in preparation for live models.

Live demonstrations: Witness expert instructors showcasing advanced dermal filler injection techniques.

Live model experience: Gain hands-on practice under the guidance of experienced trainers.

Upon successful completion of both segments of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement, along with access to our exclusive WhatsApp group for ongoing support and peer-to-peer learning. This supportive community allows you to connect with fellow practitioners, share experiences, and ask questions in a confidential setting.

Enrol in our Advanced Beauty Courses in Cardiff Today

This advanced course at Access 2 Aesthetics equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to significantly elevate your aesthetics practice. You'll be able to offer a wider range of in-demand treatments, attract new clientele, and increase your earning potential.

Join us for advanced aesthetic training in Cardiff, and excel in your career as a cosmetic practitioner.

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