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Build confidence with a simulator session!

Join us for a 1.5 hour long, 1:1 private simulator session. This session involves you and one of A2A's specialist trainers covering any area from Foundation or Advanced Level Aesthetics that you may need more confidence in. Whether you want more injection practice or anatomy knowledge, we have you covered thanks to the real life iFace simulator and the vast experience of the Access 2 Aesthetics trainers.

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​With iFace S1, practitioners can study the most important facial arteries, veins and muscles in a realistic way. Besides, the Simulator’s specific design includes a superficial fat layer that allows to recreate the application of cannulas and lifting threads, reaching the muscular deepest layers.

Build confidence with a simulator session!


This simulator gives you the chance to practice how to apply toxins, fillers and threads, either with needles or cannulas, as many times as you want. In S1, arteries are designed to be handled with care and studied thoroughly. It is possible, if using washable markers, muscles and risky areas on the skin with needles and monofilament threads


Please Note - Participants will not treat any live patients on the iFace Simulator Session. This is simply a simulator and knowledge building day to improve skill, performance and confidence levels for the participants own future clinics.

Apply Toxin, Fillers and Threads!

1.5 Hour Foundation Session £445

1.5 Hour Advanced Session £595
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