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Our specialist combined foundation toxin and dermal filler course in Cardiff is designed to empower medical experts with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the aesthetics industry.

Our commitment to upholding high standards within aesthetics leads us to exclusively offer this course to medical professionals. An in-depth understanding of anatomy and medical knowledge is crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of non-surgical procedures. This includes aesthetics training for Nurses (NMC), Doctors (GMC), Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Therapists (GDC), Pharmacists (GPhC), Paramedics, Physiotherapists, and ODPs (HCPC).


Medical Professionals

Nurses (NMC), and Doctors (GMC).


Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Therapists (GDC). 


 Pharmacists (GPhC), Paramedics, Physiotherapists, and ODPs (HCPC).


Toxin Course

Three most common areas, Frown, Forehead, and Crows Feet.

Dermal Filler Course

 Peri-oral area, including Lips, Nasolabial, and Marionettes


Pre-Course studies, also includes:

Video Treatment Demonstrations,

Complecations Training,

Consent and Aftercare Forms, Pharmacy and Insurance Details, Free 'Business Start Up Guidance' eBook.



Class Session: £1200

1 on 1 Session: £1600



1 Extended Day.

There is no compromise in training this way, the training day is extended in duration to ensure all learning is completed to the same high standard.


You are never alone, we are always here for you!

Clinical and Business support from our Directors and access to our support community and WhatsApp Group.

Specialist Aesthetics Courses in Cardiff

Half of this module is focused on dermal fillers, targeting the Peri-oral area, including Lips, Nasolabial, and Marionettes areas using both Needle and Cannula techniques. The other half of the module highlights our anti-wrinkle injection course, which delves into the theory and practical aspects of treating the three most requested areas: Frown, Forehead, and Crows Feet using toxins.

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Structured for comprehensive learning, the course breaks down the essentials. Students acquire knowledge on the following: 

Introduction to Toxin / Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: In this segment, we analyse the fundamentals of toxins, their evolution, and their role in aesthetics. Understanding the mechanisms behind these treatments sets the stage for a complete exploration of their application.

The History of Injectables: Tracing back the roots of injectables provides a valuable perspective. Dissecting their historical journey offers insights into the evolution of aesthetics, from early discoveries to modern applications. Understanding the progression of injectables helps contextualise their significance in today's practices.

Anatomy of the Face: An in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy is crucial for safe and effective treatments. Our aesthetics courses in Cardiff navigate through the intricate structures of the face, identifying key areas, muscles, and vascular pathways. This education forms the foundation for precise and tailored procedures.

Contraindications: Recognising contraindications is essential for safe practice. We compare factors and conditions that may make individuals unsuitable candidates for treatments. An awareness of contraindications ensures ethical and responsible treatment decisions.

Consultation Process: Mastering the art of consultations is pivotal. We focus on effective communication, listening to client concerns, and setting realistic expectations. This process forms the cornerstone of building trust and ensuring client satisfaction.

Face Assessment: A comprehensive facial assessment is the initial step toward personalised treatment plans. We guide students in conducting meticulous assessments, identifying areas for enhancement, and considering individual facial dynamics.

Client Selection: Understanding the suitability of clients for specific treatments is crucial. We discuss criteria for ideal candidates, ensuring safe and ethical practice while managing expectations realistically.

Dilution & Preparation: Preparing and diluting products correctly is imperative for optimal outcomes. Our professional aesthetics course in Cardiff delves into the precise techniques of product preparation, ensuring accuracy and safety in treatment administration.

Treatment Planning & Marking Up: Detailed treatment planning and accurate marking techniques are decisive for targeted procedures. We emphasise conscious planning and precise marking to achieve excellent results.

Pain Management: Implementing effective pain management techniques ensures a comfortable experience for clients. We study various strategies to minimise discomfort during procedures, enhancing the overall treatment experience.

Adverse Effects: Recognising and addressing adverse effects immediately is a critical aspect of safe practice. We consider potential side effects and their management, prioritising client safety and well-being.

Complications Management:  In the rare event of complications, knowing how to respond is essential. We equip students with the knowledge and strategies to manage complications effectively, ensuring patient safety.

Aftercare & Follow-Up Procedures: Post-treatment care is vital for optimal results and client satisfaction. We outline thorough aftercare procedures and the importance of follow-up appointments for successful outcomes.

Health & Safety:  Maintaining a safe environment and adhering to health protocols is paramount. We emphasise stringent health and safety practices, fostering a secure environment for both practitioners and clients.

Emergency Kit Advice: Preparedness is key in handling unexpected situations. We provide guidance on assembling and utilising emergency kits, ensuring readiness to address any unforeseen circumstances.

Live Demonstrations: Witnessing live demonstrations offers invaluable practical insights. We showcase procedures in real time, allowing students to observe techniques and protocols first-hand.

iFace Simulator Practise: We understand the significance of preparation and confidence-building ahead of your live model injection sessions. That's why we've invested over £12,000 in state-of-the-art iFace Simulators, designed to help you master the art of injecting before you step into a live model session.

Live Model Experience: The practical application of live models enhances learning. Students gain hands-on experience, applying theory to practice under supervision, encouraging further confidence in their abilities.


To facilitate understanding, our course integrates live demonstrations, iFace Simulator practice and live models, providing an immersive learning experience. Upon completion, students receive a certificate and ongoing support via a dedicated WhatsApp group. Our business start-up guidance ebook equips students with essential tools for establishing their practice.

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Enrol in our Foundation Combination Course

Our foundation combination toxin and dermal filler course in Cardiff is an ideal launchpad for medical professionals venturing into the aesthetics industry. It equips them with the skills and understanding required to administer dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments accurately and safely.

Access 2 Aesthetics is your gateway to excellence in aesthetics training for medically trained individuals, offering aesthetic courses in Cardiff that provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge. Get in touch today and enrol on our combined foundation course.


Class Session: £1200 | 1 on 1 Session: £1600

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