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Foundation Toxin Course in Cardiff

Training Course Content

Access 2 Aesthetics is the gateway to a successful career in aesthetics. Our professional Foundation course is designed to teach aspiring practitioners the fundamentals of Toxin / Anti-Wrinkle treatments. This course will give you the relevant theory and practical concepts of safely treating the 3 most common areas requested, Frown, Forehead and Crow's Feet.

£650 Class Session | £1050 Private 1 : 1 Session

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Medical Professionals

Nurses (NMC), and Doctors (GMC).


Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Therapists (GDC). 


 Pharmacists (GPhC), Paramedics, Physiotherapists, and ODPs (HCPC).


Toxin Course

Three most common areas, Frown, Forehead, and Crows Feet.



Pre-Course studies, also includes:

Video Treatment Demonstrations,

Complecations Training,

Consent and Aftercare Forms, Pharmacy and Insurance Details, Free 'Business Start Up Guidance' eBook.



Class Session: £650

1 on 1 Session: £1050



1 Day


You are never alone, we are always here for you!

Clinical and Business support from our Directors and access to our support community and WhatsApp Group.

Understanding Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum Toxin, is a widely popular, non-surgical cosmetic treatment known for its ability to effectively reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Administering this cosmetic treatment requires not only a keen eye for aesthetics but also a deep understanding of the science and art behind it. At Access 2 Aesthetics, we promote expert training and support individuals in achieving the valid qualifications needed to become a
safe and successful aesthetician.

Our Foundation Course provides the knowledge and practical skills required to safely and effectively administer anti-ageing treatments. We recognise the significance of mastering the fundamentals before progressing into the industry of aesthetics. Our Foundation Botulinum Toxin course in Cardiff highlights the following:

Introduction to Toxin / Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: We will kickstart your journey with a comprehensive introduction to Botulinum Toxin treatments, covering their history and evolution in the world of aesthetics.

Anatomy of the Face: A deep understanding of facial anatomy is crucial for precise and safe treatment administration. You'll gain insights into facial structures and how they relate to these specialist anti-wrinkle procedures.


Contraindications: Learn to identify when Botulinum Toxin treatments are not suitable for a client and the importance of ensuring client safety.

Consultation Process: Discover the process of conducting thorough consultations, understanding client needs, and setting expectations.

Face Assessment: Develop the skills to assess the face, identifying areas that require treatment and
those that don't.

Dilution & Preparation: With our aesthetics training in Cardiff, you will learn how to master the art of diluting and preparing Botulinum Toxin for safe and effective use.

Treatment Planning & Marking Up: Learn how to create a personalised treatment plan for each client, effectively marking treatment areas.

Pain Management: Explore methods for minimising discomfort during the procedure.

Adverse Effects & Complications Management: Gain knowledge on how to address and manage potential complications and adverse effects.

Aftercare & Follow-Up Procedures: Learn about post-treatment care and follow-up to ensure client satisfaction and safety, throughout the entirety of their Botulinum Toxin procedure.

Health & Safety: Understand the importance of maintaining a safe and sterile environment in your practice.

Emergency Kit Advice: Be prepared for any situation with insights into emergency kit essentials.

Live Demonstrations & Live Model Experience: Witness live demonstrations of Botulinum Toxin treatments and gain practical experience on live models under the supervision of our experienced

Upon successful accomplishment of our Foundation Botulinum Toxin course in Cardiff, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion. We believe in continuous support, which is why you'll also gain access to our group WhatsApp for ongoing help and guidance. Additionally, you'll receive our free 'Business Start-up Guidance' eBook to launch your career as a certified aesthetics practitioner.

Enrol in our Botulinum Toxin course in Cardiff

At Access 2 Aesthetics, we are committed to equipping aspiring cosmetic practitioners with the skills and knowledge needed to provide exceptional treatments to their client base. Our Botulinum Toxin training courses in Cardiff are the first step towards becoming a successful and responsible aesthetics practitioner. Get in touch with our experts today and initiate your aesthetics career today.

£650 Class Session | £1050 Private 1 : 1 Session

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