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Rachel Davies


Aesthetics Practitioner

& Trainer

Introducing Rachel Davies, a distinguished trainer at Access 2 Aesthetics!

With a rich background in aesthetics training, Rachel contributes her deep understanding of IV Vitamin Therapy, Foundation and Advanced Level Toxin and Dermal Filler, and Skin Treatments to our academy.

Her illustrious career spans 15 years as a registered nurse, accentuated by her status as an independent prescriber at a masters level since 2017. Rachel's academic prowess doesn't end there. She holds a masters level clinical patient assessment and a teaching and assessment module under her belt.

Rachel's extensive experience cuts across emergency and acute care, having served as the Lead Vascular Access Clinical Nurse Specialist for Haematology. After bidding farewell to NHS in April 2023, she has since been dedicating her time and expertise to her thriving aesthetics and skincare clinic, which she established 3 years ago.

But what truly distinguishes Rachel is her ambition to nurture others. Her passion for teaching, coupled with her broad expertise, makes her an invaluable asset to Access 2 Aesthetics.

Rachel Davies - a unique blend of skill, experience, and passion, driving excellence at Access 2 Aesthetics.

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