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Join Our Free Advanced Career Open Day and Elevate Your Aesthetic Practice

Access 2 Aesthetics is excited to announce our FREE upcoming Advanced Career Open Day. If you're an aesthetic practitioner seeking to enhance your skills, broaden your treatment repertoire, and explore new financial opportunities, this event is tailored for you.

Taking place on the 24th of September from 15:30 – 17:30, our open day aims to introduce you to the advanced training we offer and give you a detailed understanding of the profit margins you can expect to earn.

Free Advanced Aesthetics Open Day
Advanced Open Day

The day will be filled with insightful presentations by our experts who will delve into various advanced treatments and their potential profit margins. Plus, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage in a live Q&A session with our Training Director and CEO, giving you direct access to their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our training academy is conveniently located 10 minutes north of Cardiff, directly off the A470 in Abercynon (CF454SN).

So, why should you consider joining us and investing in advanced training? Here are five compelling reasons:

Expand Your Skillset:

Advanced training enables you to go beyond the basics covered in beginner training. You'll acquire more advanced techniques and procedures, providing you with a competitive edge and boosting your earning potential.

Build Your Confidence:

With more experience and knowledge gained through advanced training, your confidence will naturally grow. This not only makes you more effective at performing aesthetic procedures but also instills greater trust in your clients.

Increase Your Earning Potential:

Advanced skills equate to increased earning potential. With advanced training, you can provide premium treatments like Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin that command higher prices/profit margins than basic aesthetic procedures, enabling you to earn more per client.

Meet Higher Demand:

As you gain more experience and build a reputation for delivering high-quality results, demand for your services will naturally rise. This allows you to charge higher rates and earn more overall.

Provide Better Results for Clients:

Advanced training equips you with the tools necessary to deliver superior results for clients. You'll be able to address their unique concerns and achieve better outcomes compared to those who have only completed basic training.

In conclusion, moving on to advanced aesthetics training is crucial if you're keen on taking your career to the next level. By expanding your skillset, building confidence, increasing earning potential, and providing better results for clients, our advanced aesthetics course will place you at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your clinic to the next level by offering advanced treatments. Be sure to book your free ticket today. We look forward to seeing you at our event!

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