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Hannah Lloyd Collis

Dental Hygienist,

Aesthetics Practitioner

& Trainer

Hannah joins us with a wealth of experience, having specialised in facial aesthetics, dental therapy, and hygiene for well over a decade. She graduated with merit as a dental therapist and hygienist from the prestigious School of Dentistry at Cardiff University in 2006 and has since become an expert in anti-wrinkle treatments, thanks to training in Harley Street (2010), where she gained her advanced certificate in Botulinum Toxin.

Hannah's passion for aesthetic medicine led her to earn an advanced dermal filler certificate, which includes the cannula technique. Throughout 2020, she completed a variety of training, including training with the very famous Julie Horn, further advancing her knowledge in the field. Hannah injects at a variety of clinics and dental practices, including her husband's dental practice in Cardiff and she is a Lip Filler specialist.

As a trainer at Access 2 Aesthetics, you can benefit from her expertise by enrolling in our Foundation Toxin, Foundation Dermal Filler, and Lip Masterclass courses. Training with Hannah will ensure that you get the perfect start to your aesthetics career and produce very high-quality results that every injector would be proud of.

We are delighted to have Hannah Lloyd Collis as part of the Access 2 Aesthetics team. Her passion for aesthetics, advanced knowledge, and extensive experience makes her a valuable asset to our organisation. We are confident that you will benefit greatly from her expertise on our courses and training programs.

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